Sync Tempo to Picture - Do You?

How many of you choose a tempo so that cue points fall on a beat. If you do, what is your process? If not, is this something that isn’t so important to you? This is an example of what I’m talking about:

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I Believe cue points, while still important, is far less used today than in classic movies. Cartoons being the only exception that still can use massive cue points syncing for the music.

I do think adding cue sync points is still important though, even though the music will in most cases not be super accented to mark the cue point, it can be a subconcious change by doing a more smooth change at the cue point.

You can simply mark the cue points with markers in your DAW, and if you are going to use tempo changes you can make the markers lock to SMTP code in the picture, so that they will always be synced to the visual cue points.