Sync cut after review with director

Hi guys, what I find really hard to do is this.

I have composed for a short film and the director loves it, but he asked me if is possible to sync the piano with a specific cut in this case (Mano uomo), he didn’t told me that before I start the composition :confused:

However, now if I change tempo of the composition, the marker that I made follow the movie, and it’s normal, but of course the song no… so if I sync with “Tempo Operation”, the music starts when the man touch the door (it’s ok) but the other cuts are out of sync… What can I do?

What’s your method to sync after you composed a lot and if you touch the tempo operation all goes out of sync?

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You can for example change time signature just for a bar, to lengthen or shorten it, so that you get closer to sync for the rest. And regarding tempo track you might need to do several adjustments.

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I just put a 1/4 bar with a piano arpeggio in and it works. But what’s the best way? I had to change (short) part of my composition to fix it, is it “normal”

Yeah if you need hard sync points, you might have to do “compromises”. Sometimes it can be enough to use tempo automation to go sometimes slower, sometimes fast. Or as you did, lengthen or shorten a bar by changing time signature briefly. Best way? Well I don’t think there is a best way, except what sounds and works best in the end? :slight_smile:

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Yep it should be sound good, our composers life is always a “compromises” with everything, family, work, director, developers, dogs ahahah

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Hi @Carlo_Tuzza,

I would try this:

  1. In most DAWs you can “unlink” the marker or “link” the marker to frames / seconds etc. I haven’t worked with Logic for a while, but you definitely have the option somewhere! Used to compose in Logic for picture as well.

  2. If there is absolutely no way out, you need to cut your composition. You are not selling here something which should be 4/4, so many people will use it later. You are composing exclusively for picture and it’s not uncommon that at some point you are 6/4 and not 4/4.

  3. Sometimes you can change the tempo here and there, so you move your track as you like to better fit the shots. I guess you already tried it.

  4. Don’t forget to make “breaks”, so the music can breath and maybe even wait for the next shot. Your music don’t have to play through all the time. Add an FX, whoosh, cymbal-riser what ever will fit the picture and composition, so can make it shorter or longer but still works with the film and composition.

  5. If nothing works at all, call your director and tell him to cut the film…haha…it sounds funny, but you are working with people and if there is a good reason, why the film will be better, explain why…say…I need a 2 second transition added so the music can guide you much better to the next scene, do it. If your director is cool, he will do it…if not…well that happens as well. But a good director will always have a good ear for your advice. You don’t create music, you create a story as well. You just show it with sounds and not with pictures!

Hope that helps :slight_smile:
Alexey (JLX)


Thank you, really nice advices here. However I find a simple way to cut my composition and add a 1/4 barr with an arpeggio that fits well with the rest of the composition and picture.

And best of all the director liked it hahaha.

However in the first point you mean to “convert to scene market”?

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You have two options with markers:

  1. it either sticks to a frame, so even if you change the tempo it still stays at the same point, or
  2. it sticks with your bars, so will move accordingly if you change the bars, tempo, etc.
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