Symphony #11, 4th movement

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Modern Classical, non-avante-garde

Creative Vision for the Track:
To give expression to that which only music can express, to hone my symphonic/orchestration skills,
To write music that I like to listen to.

Composition Details (Tempo, Key, Main Chords etc):
This is the 4th and last movement of a 4-movement work for virtual orchestra (for lack of a better term–one person cannot in reality be an orchestra!). The opening motive in the softsynth appears regularly throughout the movement. The strings introduce a main theme at measure 13 that is also used repeatedly in different orchestrations and textures. I don’t often write in a “key”, but rather I move from key-feeling to key-feeling. I employ chromaticism in both my melodies and harmony but I would not say my music is dissonant, I seek balance between consonance and dissonance, it’s really the balance between the two that gives me the most musical satisfaction. This is a work slightly over 10 minutes in length, if you have the time and patience to listen I think you will find it worth your time…

Main Instruments used:
Vienna Symphonic Library Orchestral Cube, Requiem Pro and East-West Choirs, software synthesizers Dune, Zebra

Here is the music:
I include the score for those interested in looking at it.

I really enjoyed the way you blend what I hear as a number of styles and genres into one cohesive piece of music. Very interesting blend of synth and virtual instruments. Lots of great melodies and motifs. Would love to hear this performed live!


Thanks for listening Steven! This symphony, as all of my symphonies, was conceived as an electronic piece, in other words, it’s conceived in and for the medium I work in, a studio/recorded work. I don’t bother trying to get works performed live any more as it’s too time-consuming and even made more difficult with Covid.