Symphonic Suite For Wind Band First Movement. Allegro Vivace

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Genre/Style: The movement is in a Sonata form frame work although it does varie from that as I felt a need to add a theme which has become the basic motif for the whole symphony.It starts in F Minor and goes through the standard key changes as one would expect but does end up in Eb minor for a time the recap is in the home key. It finishes with a feeling of not being unfinished and is to be followed.

Creative Vision for the Track:First bright movement of a symphonic band work. Joyus, Thrilling and also dark expectant for a period.

**Composition Details Allegro Vivace crochet = 138 bpm. The chords are many and some are made up as I felt is needed at the time.The key starts in F minor and changes frequently.
It is scored for Concert Band. I have used the Phrigian and Lydian modes. The time signature changes frequently.

Main Instruments used:It is scored for Concert Band. No Alto Clarinet, Baritone sax or Soprano Sax.

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Very original. Love the slow part and other parts are uplifting.

Thank you Dori.