Subscription Based Music Libraries

Hi all, just wondering if anyone has any experience with one of these subscription based music libraries that seem to be popping up? I’d class the subscription model as any music library that charges a monthly, yearly or even one off fee to their users in exchange for unlimited access to the library.

I’ve seen lots of these lately charging incredibly low amounts for full access to their catalog of music, I got a FB ad for one the other day charging $200 for lifetime access and unlimited licenses. Others are around $10 per month.

Its difficult to see how this model can be sustainable or provide any meaningful income for composers,there’s also a concern that it will drive down the price of licensed music even further.

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I’ve been reading about this lately also, there are companies that do it right (or more right), like epidemic sound which buys the tracks from the composer and pays up front, and then splits the revenue, libraries where you get a specific amount of downloads per month, and the ones that do it wrong like envato elements who sell an unlimited download subscription for a low price (like spotify and netflix) and crash the sales and prices of envato market. Not sustainable unless selling inferior quality by amateur artists who do it as a hobby

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An upfront fee makes sense with a cut of the subscription. I’ve seen some restrict the license too, as in they only provide non commercial licenses.

There is one called Audiio though that is doing unlimited lifetime commercial licenses for $199. The only restriction seems to be tv broadcast. I questioned them on FB and they deleted my comment.

I’ve seen other similar deals as well, typical seems to be around $10 per month. So they are charging Spotify prices but for commercial music licensing.

Hi, Joonas!

I was not aware that Epidemic Sound is actually paying revenue to their composers. :open_mouth: Have you got experience in working as a composer for their service?

I can’t join them since they wont accept music from anyone who belongs to a P.R.O.

Last time when I discussed with someone who sold songs to epidemic, he said he got around $600 upfront and 50/50 all streaming revenue

I see. As far as I’m concerned, being a member of a PRO does not have to have any effect on what a composer can do with the music of theirs that hasn’t been PRO-registered.

When I read the following at their website,

If you’re unaffiliated from PROs and NROs and your tracks get our music experts excited, we’ll be in touch to talk more.

I automatically interpreted it as just rather inaccurate communication. But if it is literally correct, it would mean utter discrimination of a lot of professional composers. I will probably send them an inquiry for clarification.

You have to opt out from PRO if you want to be part of epidemic sound. At least STIM doesn’t allow this.

Indeed. I contacted them yesterday and got a reply which confirms the policy. They also only accept US- and Sweden-based composers at the moment.