String orchester challenge - Grief and Loss

There have been many string orchestras over the past 200 years. Some are famous. I based my string orchestra piece on S. Barber’s Adagio - based on feeling and expression.

The musical theme is barely tangible and blurred in the harmonic progression. The atmosphere is much more important.
This piece is in 4/4 time with a bpm 110 and it is an ABA form. Actually pretty simple and straightforward. The ending chord keeps it all open because it’s not the tonic, but I think it’s an ending.

Have a listen and feel the pain.

Klaus Ferretti


Beautiful ambient of sorrow. Wow. Very emotive. :sob:

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Agree with the former speaker. Very emotive and sad. Maybe a touch of anxiety. Strings are so formidable for this type of music too. Well done.

Incredible atmosphere indeed, and I think the solo violin does a great job of adding to that without distracting. I really like the tone and space in the mix as well.

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Thanks for listening David Olofson

Thanks for your comment Fredrik Danielsson

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Well done Klaus! Very heavy and serious atmosphere, but a beautiful tone and arrangement.

Well done!

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