Steaming Through Time - Epic Fantasy Music

Let’s end the year as it started.

Can’t actually believe that I managed to release 10 songs during the year. That’s probably not much for many but for me it’s feels a good number.

So, the year started with some epic music, let’s end it that way.

The project name for the song was actually Bipolar Express. Just listen, you probably understand why :slight_smile:

In the end, I got the vision about some steampunkish vessel steaming through time and space. This could be a pirate song or something related to conquering, also. What’s your feeling about the song if you ignore the video?

Time signature: 6/8
Key: Dm/F? (This seems to become a habit). Again, music theory is not my strongest asset, so feel free to correct me.
Tempo: 115

Any feedback, questions or tips is highly appreciated! It can be related anything, mixing, production, you name it!



Great track Riku! I definitely got your time-traveling Steampunk image! I really wish I could write this style, but it never really comes to me–I’m stuck in the old 1950’s Hollywood sound😆

Awesome work!

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Lovely bite in the spiccatos. Very inspiring work. No critique. Thank you.

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Nice that you spot those spiccatos. I was playing around “parallel compression” method á la Joel Dollie with those. Would’ve even wanted a bit more bite or grit but at least got something :slight_smile:

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Joel is very impressive.

Really cool track, love the whole atmosphere of this song and how it changes through the song. Really nicely done! Makes me wanna make epic music XD

If I were to comment on anything it’d be that the melody felt slightly stagnant at times (very minor things).
For example at 0:33-0:34 when the end note is the same as the first. I usually find it pleasant to my ears if that breaks up in some kind of transition or if the note continues through the whole way.

Thanks Mattias!

Note taken :slight_smile: I think single continuous note would be a little bit too long, maybe unrealistic and it would broke the rhythm of the melody. I still agree that it could end into some kind of transition and I even tried couple of options but those just didn’t “fit to my ear”. Maybe I’m already too used to the melody that everything else sounds a bit weird to me. Still, a valid point you have.

Just lookep up your profile and noticed that you started with the trackers. Do you still have music/files left from that era? I also started with trackers in the late nineties, though I had about 15 year break between the trackers and DAWs :slight_smile:


Yep indeed, Love that even “potato” like me can sometimes understand and implement his guides / tutorials :slight_smile:

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Haha yea, I think I do actually. And I mean, I still use trackers (renoise) just not the old digibooster or fasttracker and whatnot. My brother actually even sent me some old fasttracker sounds I did as a kid on his old Amiga. And I have a couple of older ones I did around 2004-6 in school but only as mp3s sadly.

And yea I know the feeling, the many hundred times you listen to your own song. Kind of a hard part in making music to be able to give yourself proper criticism. In general I mean! Anyhow how it doesn’t sound bad, it was just one of those things my ear caught and you get this feeling you know. :slight_smile: