Standing Desk for Music Production - Jarvis Review

I posted this is in the ongoing man-cave thread but thought it’d be good to have its own post and place for people to chat about standing desk set-ups.

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I love this idea William, and I have been considering a standing desk for years, but always had second thoughts for various reasons. Your review answered many of my questions, and I am now seriously considering this solution next time I do a big “re-organization” of my studio setup!

Thank you for sharing. :slight_smile:


Hello @will_m, I am once again having a look at standing desk solutions since my back is aching.

Since you have used this Jarvis desk for quite a while now, I would love to hear if you are still happy about it, and have any complains based on long term experience. Wobblyness for example?

Hi Mikael, I’m still happy with the Jarvis, its performing as it did when I first got it. There is wobble in it at the stood height (I’m 5ft 9). For me the wobble is acceptable when I’m using a mouse and computer keyboard. I play my ROLI and MIDI keyboard sat down on it.

Its difficult to show the wobble other than what I recorded in the video, it will also vary depending on the size of the desk top and the weight distribution you have on it. At some point I will upgrade to a four legged design but at present there aren’t many options, at least here in the U.K.

Overall though I’m still very glad I have the Jarvis, its great being able to stand when needed, even if you only do 15 mins per hour.

Thanks William, yes the only super sturdy 4 legged standing desk I have found is this one, but only available in the US and for like 3500 dollars! :stuck_out_tongue:

Looks great. Uplift do a four legged one for around $1,000.

I would like a 4 legged, industrial strength, and with crossbars. I have to admit, I like stability! :stuck_out_tongue:

Hi Mikael, came across this the other day. The guy reviewing seems pretty open to questions as well so might be worth checking out if you’re still interested in a four legged version.

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It does seem like a great option, but I searched and could not find any European dealer. I simply can’t justify the crazy shipping + customs costs from the US to Sweden. :stuck_out_tongue:

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I’m very happy with the standing desk I bought about 2 years ago or something.

I have a standing for my midi keyboard. The only thing is that I get some tension in my arm because of the mouse, but I’ve just ordered an ergonomic mouse yesterday which put the arm in a more natural angle.

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Good to hear you are happy with this desk Stephan, I have been looking at the updated standing desk from Ikea called Idåsen. The downside with both your desk and this new version, for my use case, is that they simply can not take the weight of all my equipment (plus a heavy duty desk surface). I have way over 100kg on my desk, and the weight limit on the IKEA desk is 75kg.

Question: did you consider attaching your MIDI keyboard to the desk (either on top or with an extra shelf)?

Yes, I think I considered that but decided to keep the weight as low as possible. I record midi sitting and that’s possible even if the desk is in standing position since I got 2 keyboards for the computer.
Heavy equipment you have, hope you find a good solution.

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