SSD for Macbook

Hi Guys

Currently running my libraries of two different HD’s but wanna change that to an SSD for faster running speeds etc. Looking for a 1tb one, and wanted some recommendations. Im not running my boot off of it, its being used effectively as a portable storage for the libraries so only needs a basic format to mac os :slight_smile:

Thanks in advance

I recently updated my Macbook Pro Mid 2012:
I bought new RAM; went from the standard 8GB to 16GB and I replaced my HDD with a 1TB SSD. I bought the Samsung 860EVO. Works like a charm!! My MBP feels like a new superspeed machine! I can recommend this.

Guessing you installed it to boot your os as opposed to running your libraries off though right?

Yes, I use it to boot from it as well, as it replaced my HDD. But given the speed it gives, I can imagine it will work perfectly for external storage.


I’m running Samsung EVO SSDs in an external USB-cabinet. I don’t remember the brand, but it was a cheap chassi from Amazon. Simply converts SATA to USB. Has worked well so far! :slight_smile:

No idea how to do that Mikael :slight_smile: I. E put it in an ex USB cab etc

It was easier than I thought. A small screwdriver, plug it in, connect the USB cable that followed with the case. Done! :stuck_out_tongue:

I can check my Amazon order of the chassi, and SSD order to find the exact products I got if you want?

That’s be amazing if you could. My logic just keeps freezing atm with my current HD, doing my nut in lol

Only thing I would use spinning drives for today is backups :stuck_out_tongue:

So this is one of my external chassis:

And the SSD was this: Samsung 860 EVO 1TB SSD
And this: Samsung 860 QVO 2TB

So I got 2 external SSDs.

Brill thanks :slight_smile:
Don’t suppose you know the English name of that chassis do ya?

Do they have different names in the Amazon US store for the same products?

PS. This was the other chassi I got for my 2nd SSD:

Quite possibly but I’ll get one of the decent ones that pop up and try that.

I got the same Samsung, the 860 1tb.
It’s the internal one I want isn’t it? That then connects through the chassis?

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Yes exactly, it is meant to be used internally, so the chassi simply converts SATA port to USB cable.

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Now, what many people miss is that ACCESS TIME is way more important than total disc speed. And that is the main reason why SSDs are sooooo much better than HDDs. Let me explain, here is my SSD speed test:

Now, I also have a HDD external raid cabinet, so spinning discs in raid. That gives me about the same read/write speeds. BUT, and this is the big but…the access time is not even in the same league. So as a practical example. Loading my Ravenscroft Piano (UVI) on the RAID with HDDs took around 45 seconds, while on this single SSD it took 7-8 seconds!

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