SpitFire Originals - Low Cost Cinematic Instruments?

Hello everyone!

I see no one mentioned this so I tought I’d be the one to bring it up.

Some Months ago Spitfire, that we all know from their awesome free bbc orchestra, started to sell separated orchestra instruments at a law cost… we have intimate strings, cinematic percussion, etc etc… every single instrument is sold for 29 bucks… so budget friendly.

This is the LINK: https://www.spitfireaudio.com/originals

I’d really like to know your opinions about these :slight_smile:


given that for me music composition is mainly a hobby (is a second work) but I would also like to sell some of my music to support myself, I bought Originals Epic Strings, Epic Brass & Woodwinds and Originals Intimate String because for me this price is absolutely affordable in comparison to the prices of complete professional libraries.

I know that complete libraries have more articulations and more option to configure the sound (I hope to buy one as soon as possible) but the Originals series has great sounds and let me start to compose with quite professional sounds.

I believe that having restricted packages extracted from complete libraries is helpful for young composers that can buy at low prices but also for companies that could earn more … I don’t know how many composer buy libraries from 600 € and over.

I also like the Spitfire GUI, I think is clear and quick to use.


Yes I agree on everything you said… I’m also a big fun of Spitfire GUI… but also of Spitfire Sounds (I own the free bbc orchestra and Labs).

I know they’re recognized as very good producers for this kind of instruments and so I’m wondering… do these 29 bucks ones retain the high quality? How do they actually sound? How are they programmed? Different articulation presents? etc etc :slight_smile:

So… to say it short… are these worth it? :slight_smile:


I own a few of these and they do sound great, yes they are limited in articulations and dynamics, but are still useful for layering. My biggest issue is that the epic series are ensemble rather than separate sections.

There is also Orchestral Tools Sine player which offers you to purchase some of their libraries in individual parts as well. I think they have more available and sound ss good as Spitfire.


New member here, chiming in. I have almost all the Originals, including the latest Intimate Strings and don’t have the Soft Piano.

In short: the Epic line does what it says on the tin. All sounds are from the original Albion and are pretty good. Keep in mind they’re basically all ensembles and octaves, no solo instruments. Some of the brass sounds do have some tuning issues, I have found. I recommend you watch the Homay Schultz video where she does a composition JUST with the Originals: in one word -> gorgeous. Also have a look at the video Nico Schuele has done on it. And there’s a video by Guy Michelmore as well (it has “back in the studio” or something like that in the title). Pete Calandra has a video on the Epic percussion if I’m not mistaken.

The best ones in the series (for me) are Intimate Strings (sounds from the original Albion Loegria library) and the Felt Piano. The latter is even in my Top 5 piano libraries of all time. But I must say they’re pretty much all great, with SOME issues in the brass department for me. I guess I have come to the conclusion that generally speaking brass is not Spitfire’s forte. Having said that, I think it is still perfectly serviceable and good value for the price. And I too like their proprietary player.


I don’t have these originals myself, but generally I am a fan of “focused instruments”, meaning tools/plugins that focus on one thing, and do it well. And more importantly get you the results you want quickly! :slight_smile:

I would consider them nice to have even if you own bigger more expensive (and extensive) libraries. So I will probably pick them up soon as well.

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I’ll be waiting for a review then :slight_smile:

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