Spitfire download speeds

I hope everyone is enjoying their weekend

Surprisingly, my Samsung T7 SSD arrived early from Amazon today and I was able to commence downloading BBCSO Professional

I use a Mac Pro (2019) and my internet is Verizon FiOS Gigabit

I tested my download speed today before beginning the download of BBCSOP and it was 905Mbps

However, the first library from BBCSOP I downloaded was 83GB – this took 90 minutes to complete – according to all download speed estimates, the download should only have taken about 13 minutes

I contacted FiOS and they told me my speed test was correct but had me restart my modem, router and computer – when everything booted back up again, I was getting download speeds of 939Mbps

However, the BBCSOP still was averaging 90-100 minutes per 100GB

Could this be an issue on Spitfire’s side? I checked their support website and they stated their downloads are usually very fast as they use the Amazon Cloud as a server

Has anyone else downloaded from Spitfire with a similar speed internet and experienced slow downloads?

Thank you and be well

Hi. I´ve encountered this quite a few times with different developers. One time it was with Cinematic studio series, that time it was faster done by downloading the files manually instead of using their installer. Unfortunately I can´t say where the problem might be because it doesn´t happen to me every time.

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Yeah it might be a byproduct if Soitfire’s server - but, it is all downloaded and optimized now so I can finally try it out

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