Spitfire Audio libraries volume issue

I recently purchased the Originals Drumline and, just today, Eric whitacre Choir

It perplexes me how low of a volume these were seemingly recorded at

I have to normally put the volume within the Spitfire app up to 400% to get a usable volume level

Here is an example of a Logic Software Piano (I removed any plugins that would increase the gain) alongside the EWC Sopranos All In patch (set at 100% volume within the Spitfire App)

Am I missing something or do these libraries require the use of a gain plugin to bring them up to usable levels? (I really hope I am just missing something)

In order to volume match, I had to turn EWC’s volume in the Spitfire app to 213% and add the Logic Gain plugin to the track at maximum +24dB

I have opened a ticket with Spitfire per their suggestion

Hi Douglas,

This may seem like a silly question but are you making sure that your dynamic and expression faders are all the way up?

I do believe these libraries are created with the idea of using cc automation. If you are not using these features, this may be why.


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Yes - that is with dynamic and expression all the way up – there was a discussion about it over on VIC about Spitfire’s notoriously low volume samples (which seems to be the case because Spitfire does not normalize them)

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