Spitfire Audio Haunted House Scoring Competition - #MyHauntedHouseScore

Here is my film scoring entry for the Spitfire Audio Haunted House Scoring Competition. Thank you to Spitfire Audio and Darkstar for hosting this film scoring opportunity.

Instrument List:

Darkstar Haunted House Library

  • White Widow 3
  • Solo N235 2
  • Devil Beats 4
  • Ghost in Your Lappy
  • XTC Mantra
  • Sublow LDN 2
  • Haunt 4 U

BBC Symphony Orchestra Professional Library

  • Violins 1
  • Violins 2
  • Violas
  • Cellos
  • Basses

Cinesamples Percussion Library

  • Puili Sticks
  • Waterphone Dry
  • Timpani Soft Mallets

Note: On the website page the instructions say, “To enter, write your score to this exclusive clip using predominantly the Darkstar Haunted House library.” As you can see they say to “predominantly” use the Darkstar Haunted House library. They do not say “exclusively.”

However, when you go to fill out the Entry Form, the form says, “You must use only the Haunted House sample library to write your score.” Unfortunately, it would be too late to request that (after the fact), since composers have already built the score based on the web page instructions.

That was creepy and spooky and scary, and I never thought I’d say that as a compliment! :^)

Really great use and blending of the sounds to create that eerie, haunted feeling. And at the same time, I really like how you maintained a consistent musical idea (specifically that 5 note motif) which for me created a compositional feel and not just a collection of background sounds. Very cool.


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Thank you sir. It was an interesting story to tell.

I pointed that out to Spitfire support and they’ve now corrected it. I’ve entered 4 Spitfire competitions in recentt months and the terms have always been wrong - copied and pasted from old comps etc - pretty poor for a company who set such a high standard in sampling.

Spooky track - good luck.
If interested you can listen to my entry here:

Thanks Andrew. Glad you pointed it out. I listened to your solution. Love it! Very dream-like.

Glad you liked it - I didn’t mean to hijack your thread - I didn’t realise when I copied the link it would actually put up the video! Sorry.

Not a problem . . have a good weekend . . .