Spitfire Audio Controller Using your feet rather than your fingers

Christian Henson recommends heavily the use of Expression and Dynamic controls to make instruments more real. However, I believe his approach is fundamentally flawed in using hand faders which Midi controller keyboards rarely have a full set or can be extended to provide expression, dynamic, sustain in all its glory in the majority of offered keyboards. Using hand controllers means you become a one handed keyboard player.

I have stumbled across Audiofront who make midi expression controller where you can plug up to 4 expression/switch pedals and therefore for my use with BBC SO Pro I can use 2 Roland EV-5 expression pedals to control expression and dynamic with my feet as opposed to Christian and his fingers.

Does anyone use foot midi controllers like this?


I use pedal for expression and it sure sound interesting to control dynamics and more as well.

Yep. https://youtu.be/0IW2e18-YBw

Thank you for your input, as I said most keyboards do not have an expression pedal input so you can change the CC. The Motif is not a midi controller primarily and more costly than most midi keyboards. Hence the need for a separate controller like Audiofront. However, it demonstrates using one pedal for the Labs expression and dynamics. I would rather have separate.

I have ordered the Audiofront midi controller and will have 2 expression pedals into it to test and will make a short video when up and running.

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You’re welcome! Whatever works best for your workflow. Let’s go!

I just bought the Behringer FCB1010 just for that… but have not had the time to do the mappings… My goa is to be able to play piano, guitar and or violin and control Ableton Live with my feed.

Any idea, suggestion, help is welcomed. Thanks.

Pics of my Audiofront Midi Expression Controller with 2 x Roland EV-5, just waiting for a tidy USB cable so I can shoot the video. Took me 2 mins to configure with the Audiofront app. All working.