Sonuscore donation flash sale|+SONU_DONATION_FLASH_SALE&utm_medium=email&utm_term=0_460f155a51-3ab6011fa3-200211985

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Great and useful sounds at a great price and for a good cause. O got it yesterday (7th). I think the sale might be over now.

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What is your first impression of the quality of these instruments? Any downsides? I already have “The Orchestra” by Sonuscore which I find very nice and useful.

Very useable although limited variety but at the sale price and absolute bargain. I’ve used them ib a couple of tracks already. Not be so happy paying 249 euroes for them though.

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I think I lack a bit more “niche” instruments in my tool box, so these might come in handy.

i have bought this bunble, just finish to download it, not yet installed but sound pretty good in the demo

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Already made a track using one of the patches for my next video. Wow. Great stuff. Simple and on point!

What I liked so far:

  1. Simple concept: Instruments combination, new sounds, it’s unique and great.
  2. Natural sounding samples with “natural mistakes”, meaning the samples are NOT too perfect as it’s often the case. So it makes it more lively, believable and emotional. A big bonus.

Stay safe guys!
Alexey :slight_smile: