Song for A Second Hiatus

Instrumental (Choir, Strings, Rhythm Section, Small Wind Ensemble)

Creative Vision for the Track:
After over a year and a half our church allowed live wind instruments back in the building in early December. I had written and scored several virtual performances in the interim. It felt good to be in the same room with other live musicians!

Last week we were told no more live wind instruments until sometime in February at the earliest.

I had been sketching something for another purpose when I got word that we’re standing down for another few weeks. I decided to develop the sketch with the template I used for my other church work.

It builds from piano only to unison vocals with piano. From there we add wind instruments and hand bells. All in the order of instruments allowed back in the church over the hiatus.

Excitement and involvement builds as we change keys and add some percussive drive to the festivities.

Then an abrupt tap of the brakes and we’re back to a single instrumental voice. My wife is our clarinetist so her instrument got the “honor”.

Here’s hoping THIS hiatus remains just a few weeks until we’re all together again.

Composition Details (Tempo, Key, Main Chords etc):

Tempo: ~120
Key: Starts in Bb major and modulates to G major (a mediant modulation that seems to create an “opening” or “brighter” feel to my ear)

Main Instruments used:
Spitfire BBC: Strings, Woodwinds
Kontakt Library: Choir, Percussion
Ark 2: Euphonium

Soundfile Link::

Until We Meet Again - Stan Bann (ASCAP)

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Very pretty, very nice song, Stan.
And I agree with you on the “opening up” using the mediant modulation (though I had to look it up to know what it was). :^)

Just had a chance to play cajon last night with a keyboardist/singer and a guitar at a service; was wonderful to play with musicians; I miss it, too.

Hope your church’s hiatus is short!