Somewhere from West Side Story Re-created

Genre/Style: Latin (Puerto Rican-esque)
Creative Vision for the Track: Recreating Somewhere from WSS - (Reimagining other people’s work this year).
Composition Details (Tempo, Key, Main Chords etc): F Maj with lots of key changes in between. Great tonality to this song.
Main Instruments used: Bass Guitar (me playing), Kontakt Instruments, Logic Percussion via Drummer, some Arturia pads and stabs and most importantly, Haydn voice library from Dreamtronics (they keep getting better and better).

Hope you enjoy - Feedback always welcomed.

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A Great rendition! Quietly inspiring, but deeply inspiring. Your choices harmonize together beautifully. Creates a sense of peace and fulfillment.

Thanks for your kind words, Dori - West Side Story is such an amazing musical - had a lot of fun reworking Somewhere! Have a wonderful Holiday season!

Hi Stuart.

What a fun version of this great song.
I could imagine a group of musos sitting in a lounge in a house having a great time.
I couldn’t believe that was an AI voice, had to go and look at a demo. Is Haydn the only voice you have?

I was hoping to hear some strings along the way, alas not to be.

Regards Mike L

PS Just listening to your Cat Stevens with Natalie an Haydn.

Hi MikeL

Thanks for taking a listen! You’re right strings would have added some extra juice! Hope you enjoy the other tunes. Taking a bit of a break right now but will be back!

As far as the voices, I have Natalie, Solero, Hayden and NineZero. Such amazing tech. The interface kind of works like Melodyne where you edit in a separate space/window.