Social Media... which social media do you use and why?

Hey guys,

I would like to know which social media do you use and why?

I use soundcloud (showreel), instagram to engage and impression.

Facebook page (Artist page) linked with instagram.

I’m starting to use Linkedin, I think it can work for us.

I don’t know if I have to use twitter. Let me know :wink:


I think it depends on what your mission is. For example are you trying to reach people to listen to your music for entertainment, or industry people to get connections, or fellow composers and artists for networking?

For me YouTube is king for building your brand, as video is more engaging than text or audio alone. :blush:


I believe Michael is right. We are in the time where people want to see content, not necessarily listen to it. So you need to put yourself on YouTube first. People who would like to listen to your music will find you on SC or even buy from shops if they want to. Besides that, FB is only for collection likes, it never was serious about business, it’s just „Hey here I am, please like me“. Paying for FB ads is another thing. Insta is great for presenting yourself, not only music. People want to know who you are and what you do besides music. „Hey guys, it’s me, I am a real person who also like going to pubs, restaurants and local whatever…“. I always see people finding me on LinkedIn, but never had any messages. Or let’s say like this, no one ever replied me, even if LinkedIn is more „serious“ than FB. I believe if someone really wants to engage, they will find an email, or write you on Instagram or FB or or or…for example one guy wrote me on YouTube, we connected on FB, later exchanged phone numbers and after a while I mixed his song. I find that Twitter is overtaken by Insta. Visuals are always more attractive than text…


I think this too.

I have already youtube.

The main focus for me is to find jobs. @Mikael think about director and game dev. to work with.

So this are my main social media. youtube, soundcloud, instagram and linkedin.

I really can’t find the time to handle more xD


For social media management I would suggest looking into The free account lets you link 3 social media accounts and schedule messages. That way you can be consistent or different on each platform.

At the moment I have my Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn accounts to auto post for me at different times of the day. Certainly puts paid to the grind that Social Media management can become.

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