Share Spotify playlists with Cinematic Music

I am looking for good playlists (and long playlists) of cinematic music in all styles from epic to ambient to orchestral.

Please share some Cinematic Music playlists on Spotify here! :slight_smile:

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This one was put together recently by a few members of the Trailer Music Support Group FB page, almost 4 hours of epic / trailer tracks:

Here’s one I made, which is dedicated to cinematic / epic covers:


Thanks William, hey a noob question. Can I automatically open these playlist links in my Spotify app? Now when I click them they open up in my web browser. :stuck_out_tongue:

It used to be an option in the advanced settings but now its in the bottom right of the page that opens in your web browser.

If you go to the little computer/speaker icon and change it from web browser to the device you want it will in future open in the spotify app, provided it has been open in the background. Unfortunately the link still opens in a new tab but it will be playing back from the desktop app.

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Thanks, strange app behavior though opening both web browser and Spotify app. :stuck_out_tongue:

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Here comes one of my favorites.

Here’s links to three of mine in Spotify (the 4th one will be live in a few days).

Thanks, but I was looking for Spotify playlists since that is my streaming service I pay for. :slight_smile:

Ha ha. I actually send wrong one😂here it is.

Haha no worries, at least I got it now. Oh man, nice, lots of music I have not heard in this playlist mixed with some favorite composers too! :smiley:

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links on my page take you to Spotify!

Ah got you, thanks! :slight_smile:

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Yes I wish they could streamline it somehow so it just opened in the app. You can also embed playlists but then you only get previews I think.

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Hi you can check out The “Musing By Day” Playlist, I’m always on the prowl for new music to promote. The list is updated every 35-40 days and you will find “Game Music” from the likes of Toby Fox. You will also find composers in the genre New Classic, IDM etc…

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Just go to find the cinematic music on Spotify, and you’ll find your favorites. There are lots of music resources on Spotify. If you want to download your favorite tracks from Spotify to your device, you could take Spotify Music Converter into consideration. With it, you are able to download any music track from Spotify.

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I’d like to share this one for studying and motivation:

You can check and listen to them now.
P.s. If you want to enjoy all these Spotify tracks outside of Spotify app, you can use this Spotify Music Converter for Windows to download them to MP3. Then you can play them on any device you wish.
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