Share Female Soundtrack Composers (you are inspired by)

I think a major reason we don’t have more female composers coming into this industry is simple. They don’t have role models, because they don’t really know any female composers.

But I actually think there are many great female composers already successful and that I personally admire! :slight_smile:

I am certain you know a couple yourself, so let’s in fact give some credit to them by listing all our favorite female composers (whether it is for Film, TV or Video Games).

Here are female composers I personally admire:


Okay, so not many replies here I see, haha. I’ve one name on mind and that is Jessica Curry, a British composer for video games. I found the lady when I was actually searching for specifically female composers last year just because I really wanted to know how much women fit in composing nowadays :smiley:
She stuck in my head and I often listen to her pieces when working as her music is quite good for keeping focus on wanted subject.

And maybe you are right, the lack of having a role model is probably one of the reasons, but women should ignore this one. Male role models are good enough :smiley:

I am guessing that one of the reason is that females have in general a little lesser knowledge in technical things and today, composing of this kind of music does include to have some. And it may be discouraging for us. But lately, there is much more women in IT than it was ten years ago, so maybe in another ten years, women will become more common in composing and they become role models… It is evolving :slight_smile:


Rachel Portman (Cider House Rules, Nicholas Nickleby, etc)

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Definitely agree with Hildur Guðnadóttir, Joker and Chernobyl were both elevated by her scores. I’ve recently been listening to Anne Nikitin as well, escpecially her score for American Animals, which I also really enjoyed as a film.

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Yuki Kajiura is actually one of my biggest influences with cinematic orchestral music. It’s her soundtrack for the Fate/Zero anime that is one of the works that helped re-kindle my interest in being a composer. I also do like Winifred Phillips.