Score Relief 2022 Film Scoring Competition - I Catch You

This is my entry for the Score Relief 2022 scoring competition, “I Catch You”

Instrumental Track on Metapop - metapop

Thank you to Metapop and The Cue Tube for creating this opportunity. And, thanks to Colette Brown and the production team at Four of Wands Production that created this dramatic short film for us to score -

Clinton, when you sent me the link to this video on the score relief website, I watched it a few times, and just sat there thinking “I don’t get this at all! What in the world would music to this sound like?!”
And then I listened to what you wrote- I just started smiling- you transformed this into the coolest vibe. Brilliant!!
I love all the sounds! Are they all VIs, or real players/instruments?


Thank you very much Steven. I’ve trained myself over the years to check my personal feelings at the door before I try to write an accompaniment for the feelings of others that I observe on screen. And yet, this one was a challenge for me. I’m not a fan of many things that have happened in the last few years. I grew up with Roy Rogers, Dale Evans, Gene Autry, The Lone Ranger, Tonto, John Wayne, Steve McQueen, James Garner, Matt Dillion and Walter Cronkite. We were all taught to treat others as we would want to be treated and to never judge a book by its cover. These were reinforced in school, church and at home (even the neighbor’s home). And, I can honestly say that most anyone I’ve met in the past 65 years has been following those teachings as well. Thanks again . . .

Clinton- that’s a wonderful list of entertainers and public figures to grow up with, very much like how I grew up. Those were different times than what we live in these days. For better or worse…

I appreciate your music and your perspective,

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