Sad times(Sad music contest)

Everything went wrong this time. No ideas coming up. Hanging notes strings and brass( due to an update of Kontakt it turned out). Lagging computer. Time running out. But then a perfect opportunity to work under pressure. Maybe it fits with the topic this month.
So here it is my contribution.
I don´t really had a vision for this as it was chaos. Just the only idea that came up this time.
Thanks to @Mikael for the contest.


That violin solo is to die for…The different articulations! Loved it.

Starting with the piano and ending with the full crescendos… brilliant!

Sorry I don’t have any criticisms, I learned things just from listening!


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Excellent Fredrik! I love how you kept the same general theme through out, but continually changing the texture and orchestration. The solo violin was especially beautiful and gave me the impression the whole piece was a sad Camille Saint-Saëns (one of my favorite composers) similar to the entrance of the solo violin from “Introduction and Rondo Capriccio”

Great job!

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Frederik - beautiful piece. The beginning with the piano and soft strings was absolutely perfect. The more lyrical strings following and at the end seem too heavy (maybe too synthy) in sound in comparison for me. A smaller string section sound would have been fit better for me. Beautiful choice bringing in the oboe later on. Excellent.

What are you using for the piano sound? oboe sound?


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I looove it Fredrik. Perfect for the topic and perfectly presented. :clap: :clap: :clap: :clap:
Really precious work. One of my favourites

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Love this piece! Makes me think of Italian opera and film scores. Great dynamics and variation in the orchestration, from the brilliant piano intro with a hint of jazz and Scandinavian flavor, through the big, dramatic finale.

To my ears, the solo violin is perfectly appropriate here, but it’s really difficult to nail the dynamics and expression in a part like that. Maybe a dramatic “crying” vibrato would have been appropriate? (Never heard that in a virtual instrument, though.) This is the kind of stuff that lured me into picking up the violin in the first place! :smiley: Impressive violin work either way.

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Thank you all for listening and feedback. A little info if someone noticed: There is right now a bug in the latest Kontakt update which causes problem with cinematic studio libraries(it’s on there website). I had problems with that this time and had to use Cs2 instead of Css.
The oboe is from Cinesamples
Piano Eastwest Bösendorfer
Virharmonic violin and cello
Rhapsody orchestral percussion
Dominus choir

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I already had an idea in the previous contest to give actual feedback and Eurovision type of scoring to my favorite entries after the voting. As you can imagine, all the excuses with time and stuff… No excuses anymore and better late that never I guess.

My 12 points goes to Fredrik! Just absolutely stunning piece! Simple and lovely main melody which runs through the track, repeating again and again. You still managed to find new ways to introduce it in the sense that it didn’t felt like it was just repeating itself. Solo Violin, yes, it was perfect fit.


Very kind of you @rsm to give such detailed feedback. I suppose you know yourself how valuable it is to get. I’ll try to follow your example and give better feedback from now on. Smart with the points. Hope to see you in Nostalgic contest.

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