Sad Music Contest - She's Gone

Here is my submission for the sad music contest

Track Description
I have created a track with a latin feeling

My Creative Vision
I have attempted to create a sad track by introducing a lot of minor chords into the sequence. A slow tempo (60bpm) makes for a calmer sadness rather than a feeling of anger.

Composition Overview
The chord sequence is fairly simple
part A: C- em-am-G-dm-F-em-dm
part B: am-G-am-G-dm-F-em-G7

It is in 4/4 time

Main Sounds

I subscribe to EW composer cloud so most of the sounds are from their sound libraries. The synth is a freebie (Synth1 by Daichi laboratory-ichiro-toda)
I use a lot of reverb on the brighter instruments (ValhallaShimmer).


Keith - the guitar arpeggios were nice and the great sounding bass made a nice solid foundation. The pads and voicings, however became too repetitive for me to be a primary focus. Suggest another lyrical instrument or voice be introduced at some point to be the focus and to develop your idea. Perhaps some latin nylon guitar solo lines with delya/reverb would be nice?

You mentioned latin feeling, but the slow rock beat with 8th note high hat pattern seemed a heavy for the tone. I like your concept of making latin… perhaps percussion (congas and shaker) would be better suited to give some latin rhythms? The tune has a nice tone and I enjoyed listening.


thank you for reviewing my work and your suggestions to add additional instruments and voices.
This is my first composition with a latin rhythm and I note your suggestion to using latin percussion instruments. I subscribe to EW composer cloud and own various Spitfire libraries which seem to be lacking in this type of percussion (congas and shakers). Can you recommend where I can find suitable libraries.

Keith - Spitfire does have percussion these instruments with their Percussion Library (which is quite good for orchestral works), although they may have too much room sound for your recording. They are in the “Drum High” folder for congas and the “Toys” folder.

Otherwise there are percussion like this in the Kontakt Factory Library (under “World>Percussion”).

There might also be libraries with latin rhythm loops out there.

Or, buy your self a $5 egg shaker (maybe some claves) from a music store and record yourself. :slight_smile:

This would make a great accompaniment track to solo off of but I’m not hearing any melody in here. Maybe you could record yourself playing a solo over the track?

I think it is a nice sound with good ideas. But in my point of view it is more relaxing music.
For me it is too fast. In this music I do not get the emotion of being sad. But definetly I want to say it is a good work.

Nice idea! I would suggest taking the drums out and possibly replacing them with some orchestral percussion. Maybe some timpani rolls and cymbal swells? Just an idea though.

I really like the choir in this piece. I think you have a solid foundation here. Thanks for sharing!

Thank you for your suggestions which are much appreciated. I will try out your ideas for improving the melody, orchestral percussion and tempo changes.

Hi Keith. Beautiful sad piece. I agree that it is a background sound and deserves a lead instrument above all else.
Sorry, but I can’t hear any Latin shadows there. :wink:
A Latin sound isn’t about the instruments, it’s about the way you play them. So listen to any Latin jazz band or salsa, merengue, bachata … and literally copy their pulses, rhythms and structure. Replicating is a good way to learn.