Sad Music Contest - Goodbye my Friend

Hi all,

finally here is my entry for the sad music contest.

Thank your for your time to listen.

Another Thanks goes to @Mikael for hosting our contests and the incredible @Geoffers for his
a-m-a-z-i-n-g support! Thank you so much man!

Creative Vision:
Goodbye my friend tells a story of an old man, togehter with his friend and his love, accompany him on his last journey. The track is based on some lyrics I wrote while composing:

Goodbye my friend goodbye.
My time has come. You don’t need to cry.
'cause one day, I promise you
we’ll be back together.

Goodbye my friend goodbye.
It hurts to say that i have to go.
My dear friend never forget,
I’ll be there for ever.

Good bye my love goodbye.
Let me close my eyes and
kiss you once more.
Stay with me until my dream
of you and me is over

Good bye my love goodbye.
I did my time and gave all to you.
So if this is my last breath
we‘ll take it together.

Project Targets:

  • Mixing and Balancing
  • EQ
  • Compression
  • LUFS

Main Instruments:

  • Reaper 6


  • Spitfire Epic Strings, Brass, Woodwinds, Percussion
  • Spitfire Discover, Labs
  • Soundiron Olympus Elements Choir
  • Ozone 9 Elements and Neutron 3 Elements
  • Valhalla Massive

Composition Details (Tempo, Key etc):

  • Tempo is 70
  • Key is A minor modulating to D minor

Thanks for the time to listen.



Awesome track Michael! Honoured to support you in this, big well done!


Sounds great! I would be curious to hear what it sounds like with vocals singing the lyrics. It sounds like the melody fits with the lyrics from what I hear. In that scenario the cello could be a harmonized or counter melody line supporting the main melody.


Really liked this one. I think you’ve captured the feeling very well and I like the poem that goes with. It’s really interesting to see so many different interpretations of “sad”; tragic sad, angry sad, hopeful sad. I think this gave me a feeling of peaceful sad, and maybe had a bit of a lullaby sense to it. Good work!


Great piece. The space on the piano sounds incredible. I also like the solo strings you bring in. Has a sad and hopeful feel. Thanks for sharing!

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Thank you guys, i am very happy you enjoyed it.

Good job Michael. It sounds like a Vangelis echoed song. :clap: :clap: :clap:
Personally, I don’t like how drums fit here.
It is a like melancholic and hopefull dream. I love it.

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Nice track Michael. Gave you a vote. Must ask, what instrument is it that play the lead 1:15 in to the song? I actually can´t tell.

Hey Frederik,

thank you so much for your vote, i really appreciate that.
Its a freebie from David Hilowitz:

it sounds very nice, i really love that thing…
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Thank you so much Vincente, @VSHDEL
the idea with the drums came from a military funeral march, thats why they are in here.
But they should be processed a bit more, i am about to try things out acutally