Romance in the Sky

Hello dear friends,

I present my latest composition “Romance in the Sky”

I really wanted to return on to a more romantic style, and also with a slightly more… vintage sound.

The banks I used, for the strings, are essentially Orchestral Tool (Berlin String).
Personally I think they did a remarkable job with both sound and playability.

The Woodwinds and Brass are: Spitfire Audio, CineBrass.

Harp: ProjetSam
Percussion: Spitfire Audio

So, I hope you enjoy listening, as much as I enjoyed writing it.

thank you.

Genre/Style: Soundtrack
Composition Details (Tempo, Key, Main Chords etc): 63 bpm
Main Instruments used: Strings, Ww, Brass, piano

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Morning Laurent.

Romantic hardly does this piece justice.
Nice cor solo at start.
I liked the contrast with the first and second sections and the always interesting orchestration.

Two recommendations, my own opinion of course.
The solo piano would have benefited from some accompaniment, perhaps soft strings and some wind counterpoint to better integrate it.
I heard a harp at the end and would have liked more during the piece. This just might be the instrumentalist in me but I always think of the poor person dragging their instrument in just to play half a dozen notes.

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Wow, really pro sound.

Hello Mikkel, thank you very much for your feedback.

So in fact the piano part was planned with a light choir to support a little…but, the vst that I have wasn’t great and it didn’t sound good. so, I preferred to delete it.

It’s a bit the same thing for the harp, there is a bit during the piece but I minimized its interventions and mixed very behind. otherwise it came out too much from the mix.

it’s really about the sound and the overall mix.

( but this is a first rought mix. there are lots of flaws and I will update on my Soundcloud page )

Hi Jim …
Thank you so much


Beautiful work! It reminded me a little of romance in Italy. This orchestra would be excellent for it if you wanted to record with a real ensemble. I haven’t used them but am impressed with their sound for this genre.

Nice nuances and romantic touches, thoughtful lines and transitions. I liked the solo piano entrance and section. It was a nice change of timbre. Keeping the piano going with the orchestra re-entrance or bringing it back near the end could be impactful as well.

Regarding the mix: you have nice balances of instruments and groups. It all sounds full and intimate. You might consider adding another reverb, a short ambience (not long tails) to place the strings and ensembles a bit more into to the room. This would also take a bit of the edge of the samples and blur some of the string entrances and cutoffs. Just a thought.

Great work!


thank you very much Brandon,

There should not have been a piano in my first idea. it’s a bit of an accident, it was just the sketch track. then I found it made for an interesting break.

so, as far as reverberation is concerned, I am more and more wary of it. here I use a very short one of less than 2 sec I believe, but very little.
I preferred to keep the color and natural atmosphere of the strings as much as possible.

but I have to review the mix, there are lots of flaws, as I said above, I will update it on Soundcloud.

Thanks again …