Pushing through the wall of tiredness

So I have recently started a new job and I’m in that phase where I’m super drained when I get in. Does anyone have any tips on productivity to get through seasons like these?

I’m at a stage where it feels a bit like striving. I have the ideas and drive to sit down but nearly no energy. If there’s any tips that you know of that you use to revitalise yourself during the day then I’d be all ears!

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Dear @Geoffers,

maybe it sounds weird, but I started to meditate. I am using the app called „Ten more %“, and I started to really focus on my body and doing Freeletics.
I am in a really similar situation right now. I work part-time in a big musical theater, so the shows are ending at 22-23 o’clock and the other time I either educating, composing, producing, whatever comes around. So as in my case I have a lot of different things going on, I need to try to be focused, because „it’s only the last job which counts!“. For example today: I had stand up at 6:30 a.m., tutoring from 8:30-12.00 and then going straight into the theater. The show ended at 22:00. I could relax for one hour in between. You can do this kind of days, once or twice, but at same point your body and mind will say: „Sorry dude, I don’t want that at all, I can’t!“. Since I started to relax more in between, taking my time to reboot my mind, and doing 3 times a week Freeletics, you just start to have more energy overall, so you can do this kind of days on a regular bases. It’s not what I really like to do, but I just remind me, if I want to gain anything in my life, I just have to do more, then I think I can.

Eating healthy stuff is important as well. Just going outside for a walk.

Tell me what you think :slight_smile:


Yeah I try to go for a good walk before I get stuck in but as of recently that’s not helping. I do get a few hours of free ish time in this new job so I might try and build myself a compact rig to take in with me.

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