Purple Waves (Ambient Music Contest Oct 2019)

Started out playing with “broken” chord progressions of four, which are transposed in order to line up, then adjusted some chords for color and tension. Then, some sound design, improvisation, and endless tweaking.

Unfortunately, I haven’t been feeling well lately, so I had to basically give up on this one. I’m not happy with it (in particular, not the theme melody), but my brain is fried, and I just can’t focus enough to figure out what the problem is.

Apart from the Phase Plant lead “flute,” sounds are mostly presets with minor tweaks.

Software and libraries used:
Cubase Pro 10
NI Kontakt (8Dio Adagio, Heavyocity Natural Forces)
UVI Workstation (Whoosh FX)
UVI Falcon (Atmospherics)
AAS VA-3 (Angelicals, Low End Theory, Reverence, 30.8676 Hz)
Phase Plant (custom “flute”)
MODO BASS (Imperial Bass)
FabFilter Pro-Q3
UVI Relayer
Eventide Blackhole
Ozone 9


Very nice, really enjoyed the ambience and really liking the lead sound.

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I like the harmonies in the background. Sort of reminds me of the music that could be used in a documentary about ocean life.

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Like it - very retro 80’s film score or retro game sound track - or jrpg

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