Pulled one out of the dust bin .... A little Popish

Hi All, I was rooting through the dust bin of my incomplete numbers from 10+ years ago and came across this simple ditty. I’ve always liked the structure and melody even though it’s a bit chintzy. Refurbished it some, got a new vocalist to recut the melodies (Coco from Peru - an amazing, all-around nice fella). Would like to have the saxophone parts recut if anyone is interested.

Genre/Style: Pop
Creative Vision for the Track: Just a simple song using a time-honored progression.
Composition Details (Tempo, Key, Main Chords etc): 120 Bpm, Key of C Maj - Progression is I-vi-IV-V for Verse, IV-V-V# dim-vi-IV/V x2 for Chorus
Main Instruments used: Piano, Synth, Acoustic Guitar, Bass Guitar, Two drums (Logic Drummer and UJAM Idol), Some Pads (Omnisphere and Arturia), Alto saxophone and, of Course, Coco from Peru on Vocals.

Hope you enjoy!