Promotion Money

Let’s discuss promotion and advertising.
How much do you spend on advertising?
Do you have budget plan?

I can tell you a little about mine but I’m curious about yours?

I’ve used google adwords a couple of months to promote my youtube channel.
I have had a daily budget of 2,5 dollar/day
I spread it out on 5 clips. 0,5 dollar/video
Now I’m thinking of raising the budget to 3,5 dollar/day on 3 videos instead of 5.
What’s your strategy?
How and what do you promote?
Homepage? youtube? library submissions? Spotify? etc.

I never made a single advertisement. Always relied on simply provide quality content that people can search for. But, I am researching how to create ads on Facebook, YouTube etc. Now, I would only create ads that goes directly to a product that I sell. Otherwise I would say getting ROI is impossible.