Presque Fini - Crime Drama

My Creative Goal for the Music:

I wanted to come up with a guitar driven composition close to the style of French composer Erwann Kermorvant. I’ve found a good deal of production music I hear seems to come out of EDM and, to me, is more textural than driven by harmonic function. Trying to write in that style is one of my goals.

Main Instruments/Sounds:

I used 6 tracks of Spitfire LABS Peel Guitar
Kontakt Piano
Albion II strings
Logic Drum Kits; SoCal (Kyle) and Manchester (Ian)
Alchemy Electro Kick Cycles 1
EWI 4000s thru RP 155 modeling guitar processor direct.

Track Insights & Final Notes

I tried to come up with something close to the intro/credit music to the French Crime Drama “Braquo”. I don’t play guitar, so wanted to write something guitar driven while learning more about how to write in Logic combining MIDI and Audio.