Powerful Analog Synth (u-he Diva)

Hello Composers, Mike here! :slight_smile:
Check out my video of one of my new favorite VST synths, the super powerful analog synth plugin called Diva by u-he.

Mikael “Mike” Baggström


Diva is awesome, I recommend the Luftrum presets for it. My only complaint about is that it takes lots of CPU and it’s the only plugin that has ever stalled my DAW because of taking so much power


It can take a lot of CPU, but it all depends on how and what sounds you use. For basses (which I love it for the most), it does not actually take too much CPU.


Sounds great Mikael. I’ve been contemplating either getting Diva or Serum at some point. The only thing that puts me off is that o can make all those sounds in the synths that’s I already have. I tend to use Massive as my main synth, Flow Motion for analog FM synthesis sounds, the Logic synths as they’re literally just as good as paid plugins and a few other NI synths within Reaktor.

Very intregued what the beast of a keyboard you were using on this is though!

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I am a fan of analog sounds, synths etc. As you know I have a LOT of synth plugins, but tend to go to Omnisphere every single time.

But now I realized that for certain sounds, I can shape them WAY faster with Diva. And workflow when creating sounds and sculpting them for the mix is so important.


Yeah, there’s nothing wrong with using one synth dominantlyvyhough. I mainly use massive because I know it do well , and thought it’s a littke dated it can literally make anything. It’s all about work flow and purpose. I’ll often use Flow Motion just for more true FM stuff but Massive is my go too, just like you and Omnisphere. :smiley: