Please Critique my Symphonic Work in D

This is a 33 minute throwback-to-the-19th-Century composition for a full symphony orchestra with extra brass (2 trumpets, 2 horns, and 2 trombones) expected to play from the balcony - an idea that I stole from Respighi (who probably stole it from Mahler!).

Anton Bruckner is perhaps my biggest inspiration as will be evident in the finale, but shades of Beethoven, Brahms, and Berlioz (inter alia) might also be apparent. I’ve therefore titled it a Nineteenth Century Overture, although I may change the title to just “The Nineteenth Century”.

Among the key features are an English horn solo accompanied by strings (Rehearsal Letter D) , and a melodic passage for the violas (to atone for all of those dreadful jokes at which I chuckled as a smug violin player!). This is at Rehearsal Letter P

Please listen to the audio score on the Musescore site while noting that

  1. the sound quality is not as good as the playback directly from the Musescore program,
  2. Tympani rolls and string tremolos are approximate.
  3. there might be some audio distortion in some of the tutti passages , particularly in the finale.

Regardless, I hope that the overall rendering is adequate enough for your feedback which will be DEEPLY appreciated!

Many thanks in advance.


The long introduction leading up to bar 84 is well contrived. The sense of release is wonderful.
This introduction had an old-fashioned tinge to it, but after that I certainly got the idea and approach of long progressions and variations like Mahler and Bruckner.
Unlike everyone else, I am not an expert on classical music and its composers, but from bar 299, there seemed to be some Schubert-like quality to it.
The rhythm from J is also interesting. However, I felt that the melody and rhythm lacked impact in spite of their appearance one after another. Perhaps it is because I have only heard this symphony once, but while there are brilliant harmonic progressions and interesting rhythms throughout, I could not get a clear theme across. It sounds similar to how Bruckner’s first theme in the Symphony in D minor sounds like an introduction to some other theme, and then goes into the presentation of the next theme without fully conveying it. This could be taken as Bruckner-esque, but I think it was too difficult for me.
By the way, I cannot speak English, so it is difficult for me to communicate what I think.
I am using a translation app for this text. I apologize if it is a wrong sentence.

Would love to listen. I don’t have Musescore. Is there another way to access your work.? Thanks!

Hi Dori,

You don’t need Musescore. If you just click on the link and hit the play button at the top left corner, the audio will start.

Thanks so much for offering to listen.


Thank you VERY much, Abo San! I deeply appreciate your feedback and very kind words.

You are also ABSOLUTELY correct in that there isn’t a clear theme connecting the various passages, and I am working on that - what it needs is a connective tissue.

Your communication was fine - in my way of thinking, music is the universal language



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Thanks for your help. I was able to call up the score and listen. I think it is highly original with unique timing. Very compelling music. Especially love the ominous tones at the beginning.

Thanks Dori, I appreciate the kind words indeed. I’m revising it a bit to add an underlying theme that will hopefully link all passages. Thanks again!