Piece dedicated to the Royal Marsden Hopital in London

I’ve had a few health issues recently, and was out of action as a composer (along with other things!) for about 10 months. When I felt well, energetic and indeed inspired enough, the first piece I wanted to write was a ‘thank you’ to the amazing people who saved my life at the hospital that is looking after me.

The pieces genesis (as in most of my compositions) was sitting down at the piano and doing some free improvisation. Suddenly I hit on the opening chords, and knew right away I had the kernal of the piece.

I opened Dorico and started working. And about 3 weeks later (but not too many hours each day) it was complete.

The sounds are mainly Spitfire BBCSO Pro, with a Spectrasonics piano and a dedicated marimba plugin, all triggered via NotePerformer 4, with the individual audio stems exported to Logic for mixing and mastering.

I’ve had several people ask me which orchestra is playing this :wink: so I’m quite pleased with that.

Would love to hear your feedback on the composition. Thank you.

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This piece takes you on a powerful, inviting journey.
Draws you right in. Very lovely. Thanks!

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Thank you! Much appreciated.