Pangea - Jurassic Park Theme Tribute

Jen - thank you for the kind remarks! Appreciated.


I loved it, it was beautifully placed and could easily hear that over footage.

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Hey Brandon, I totally forgot to ask but what sample libraries did you use in this? :slight_smile:

Thank you Cliff! Glad you can envision it. :grinning:

Hi Geoffrey

The piece was composed on StaffPad for iOS, using:

Strings: combination of Spitfire Chamber Strings, Spitfire Symphonic Strings, Cinestrings. SCS favoured in the quieter sections.

WW: Cinewinds, except for Spitfire a2 flute patch after the intro

Brass: CineBrass (loved the a12 horn patch!). I also used Spitfire Brass to double some of the horn and trumpet a2 lines to round them out. (Cinebrass are brighter and work well for this style, but the Spitfire are a bit “nobler” sounding)

Perc: CinePerc, except for glockenspiel, celeste, Tam Tam, Tambourine which was Spitfire

Harp and Piano were Berlin

I may post a video of the score sections this week and will post here if so.

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Sounds great. A good mix of libraries by the sounds of things. I may get cinebrass And strings at some point but I’m fairly happy with what I’m using atm. My next venture might be another orchestral tools patch.

In terms of brass I’m obsessed with Caspian at the moment, though I do mix it with spitfire studio brass for that more “noble” sound as you rightly point out.

Really great job of this!

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If anyone is interested, I’ve posted a walkthrough of the score and different orchestra sections.

I wrote this quickly, so the score is not as condensed and tidy as I would like. It will, however, give you an idea of what went into the tracks.



Such a nice piece! I really loved it, well done!

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Beautiful work with nice sounding

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Brandon, I am so glad you did this walkthrough. But it deserves more visibility than a nested thread. We have a section in the forum called “Tutorials, Tips & Reviews”. That is where any member can share any type of educational and insightful content like this, such as YouTube Videos, Articles etc.

Please share it in a topic in that section! :slight_smile:

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Wow Brandon. Your piece is amacing. There is so much to learn from your mastery… :clap: :clap:
The problems is that I don’t see the Jurassic original theme anywhere. If the contest was “celebrating the beauty of nature”, oh man, you would be my favourite. But, with pain, in this occasion I can not take you to the top.
But I really love it.

Thanks Vincente for the kind words.

Correct, there is no JP direct quote but was written in the style and orchestration style as JW. Mikael was okay given these factors and allowing the piece to stay in the contest.


Hi Brandon! If nothing happens in the voting I hope that you will get the Celtic Fiddle. I just bought it and it is great! I have said it before but you really should be proud of you original work. I found my self humming on it during a walk. :slightly_smiling_face:


Thank you Anna. Maybe my next cover will have a Celtic Fiddle! I’m glad you liked the Pangea theme. I’ve had it stuck in my head since I wrote and need to write something else! :smiley:


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