Ozone 9 elements free until June 5th via splice

Hey all I just seen this plugin is currently free until June 9th. It’s a stripped down version of ozone’s mastering plugin. This is great for getting your mixes volume up quickly. There’s an EQ, a maximiser (hard clip compressor) and a stereo field manipulator inside this plugin. All are great for starting off mastering. It even has a mastering assistant button if you want to do it that way. Hope this helps those if you who need it.

I will say that is only use the mastering assistant to learn what it does in terms of affecting orchestral music. It often takes a lot of low end out that isn’t needed. So just be aware :slight_smile: you can always turn the EQ off if it’s not matching your guide tracks.


I bought Ozone advance earlier this year on a sale. It has become one of my desert island plugins. First I was a bit skeptic but not anymore. If you think of getting advance wait for a sale, they come regularly :slight_smile:


Yes I highly agree. I did this for the Rx plugin. That’s definitely one of my go to plugins now also!