Over the River & Through the Woods

Classical Over the River & Through the Woods
Track Description: Classical - An arrangement of the old Thanksgiving & Christmas Holiday song; “Over the River & Through the Woods [To Grandmother’s House We Go]” 5 Verses 3:32 minutes Intro 21 sec. 3/4 time

Creative Vision; an attempt to learn & apply various musical concepts I have been studying.
Includes several Key & Tempo changes, 3 quick key changes for the ending. Using various Run types, changing the main melody instrument with every melodic phrase [4 x per verse], with lots of counterpoint or 2ndary melodies. There is very little in the way of rhythmic parts, other than a guitar finger picking track through most of the song. Movement is implied through weaving of active 2ndary melody lines instead.

As mentioned already, tempo varies throughout the song, slows down for the 3rd verse, then speeds up again for the last 2 verses, which feels a little unstable in places, but I think overall provides enough variety to hold up a 3+ minute song without burning the listener out.
I hope to improve on it more later, after I get more experience.

Sound Libraries:
STRINGS [1] Pacific Strings {Performance Samples} [2] Virtuoso Strings {Kirk Hunter}
[3] Runs {CinaStrings}, Modal Runs {Sonokinetic} String Runs {Orchestral Tools} Tina Guo Cello Pizzicatto patch for most of the Bass lines {CinaSamples}

BRASS [1] Virtuoso Brass, Virtuoso French Horns {Kirk Hunter} [2] 6 Horns {Century Brass 8dio}
[3] Legato Solo Trumpet Free {Music Sampling} [4] Saxophone {Session Horns Pro-Native Instruments}

WOODWINDS [1] Virtuoso Woodwinds, Virtuoso Flute, Clarinet, Oboe {Kirk Hunter}
[2] Flute {Berlin WW Revive} [3] Tutti Legato [Hollywood Winds}

ORCHESTRA TUTTI [1] CinaOrch {CinaSamples} [2] ARK {Orchestral Tools}

TONAL PERCUSSION [1] Wrenchenspiel {8dio} [2] Bell Ice, Handbell, J-Pop {Yamaha Motif XF} [3] Kinetic Treats {Native Instruments} [4] Hand Bells {Cinasamples}

Cymbal Swells & Timpani Rolls, from loops made using Garritan Personal Orchestra.

OTHER [1] Acoustic Guitar {Evolution Songwriter} [2] Harmonica {Chris Hein} [3] Musette [Accordian type instrument]

I can’t see a link?

Should be a link on there now. Sorry about that. I tried to delete the post due to the dismal response stats, and wasn’t able to delete the whole post, so the title remained.

Hi Jim

I know what it’s like to post things and get no response, just need to persevere.

I listened once and these are my initial thoughts.

Good sound production.
Does work with the title.
I thought it needed more development especially an extended second subject.

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Definitely does need more development, maybe need to invent a bridge or some contrasting section. I’ll be working on it for at least another year or more, as this was an experiment with what I had so far…and it was the Holidays, so I picked this one to polish up for a Christmas card to friends. Thanks so much for the feedback! :heart: