Outbreak on the horizon

Outbreak on the horizon

Ok finally managed to get something finished n just in time hopefully.

So Gave myself the brief of post apocalyptic zombie game cinematic intro. (been playing Days gone - which has a really good sound track https://open.spotify.com/album/2koUTJvJTFzOs8mresqtle?si=rB8ft5U5RAqBhpRBuEtaMQ)

Ok. so with spending way too much time on sound design I didn’t leave myself enough time to do track. Still early days and feel like I have no idea what I’m doing. Fairly basic music composition wise - Mainly in G minor with a 3 note motif 110bpm few sus2 and with a few 7ths thrown in( big thanks to Jonathan Armandary @SoundtrackAcad for his writing powerful melodies course and of course Mikael for his how to compose dark music course).

Sound design - recorded my own voice/asthmatic breathing, washing machine and some of the machines where I work - time stretch them and added distortion, reverb etc.

Used a lot of Arturia synths, Albion one and Izotope trash, Tantra, pancake, TDR nova and limiter. Also used Some NI stuff and a few samples. Brass is from red room Palette - Albion one brass was too nice for want of a better word.

Feel like I should of spent more time on composing and mixing but enjoyed making it and have learned a few things so not all bad. Feedback very much welcome - I can see loads of problems with it but its a track at least…


Phil what You have here You seem to know what your doing :grinning:
I myself donot know at all what I am doing
I love the Brass you throw in their ;
So much reminded of Resident evil the movie and love it
Days Be Gone I need to get that game when I can

Phil where on @SoundtrackAcad is the writing powerful melodies course ?

Thanks to Mike for Your Course


Jonathan’s course is on udemy


Thanks Phil I have some funds not much I see if I can get this


great job for the sound design, it sounds very dark in your track


I like it. Great beat sounds. Great low brass. And some eerie sounds.


Sounding pretty good. Lots of cool sound design. One suggestion might be to try and make the theme a little more cohesive. There are some large shifts in direction. Though, I am stuck thinking about trailer music, so video games might call for something more like what you’ve done. I actually think it’s cool that you spent a lot of time on sound design. That can be a lot of work. And I think it could help your tracks be more licenseable as it would add some originality, instead of sounding similar to all the tracks that mostly drop in samples from libraries.


Hey Phil! Glad the course helped :slight_smile:

Really great sound on the track, the sound design stuff is super atmospheric.

As for feedback, I’d suggest for the “ordinary” instrument sound (brass, strings, etc.) that you maybe try to find some more interesting/out-there instruments to use instead.

Like, instead of the full strings sound, you could use something like the Bowed Cumbus from Samplephonics:

Or the Stroh Violin from Impact Soundworks:

(Both free, by the way!)

Just a thought!


Thanks for the feedback - shall download those both look interesting anyway.

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I have a whole list of free sample libraries on my website, if you’re interested in that kind of thing?

I still need to finish up the full list, but there’s a good amount there so far :slight_smile:


Downloaded this when doing your course - super useful - must have taken some time to put it together - thanks again.