O COME 2021 -- Showing 2020 The Door

Acoustic / Digital Hybrid.

Creative Vision for the Track:
Capture the dark cacophony that was / is 2020 while cautiously extending a welcoming olive branch to 2021.

I found myself working on a reharmonization of “O Come O Come Emanuel” when all the dissonant harmonies kept creeping into my ear. 2020’s darkness is embodied by the use of low bass voices combined with tuba and string bass. The children’s choir takes an Eric Whitacre approach to the main “O Come” melody. The repeating D to A- block chords are the euphonium’s domain with deep pulsing drums keep things moving forward. Finally all the darkness gives way to high flutes and bells as a sign of hope, optimism, and light.

Composition Details (Tempo, Key, Main Chords etc):

  • Predominant key is A minor
  • Lydian and minor second voicings are interspersed freely. Harmonic rubs are often intentionally burned into the ear by placing them on the downbeats
  • Ostinato patterns in the bells are at times quoted in the high flutes with slight, elongating variations

Main Instruments used:

  • Opening section uses low strings, bass choir (Ark 2 library)
  • Middle chorale is lead by euphonium (Ark 2 library)
  • Percussion hits and shimmers are a mix of BBCSO and Ark 2 libraries
  • Synthesizer sounds are from Logic’s Alchemy

This is a different feel from my recent, more “hopeful” work. While this reflects my take on a challenging (ok, downright crappy) year I do remain hopeful. I’m workin’ at it … but hopeful nonetheless!

Enjoy! Report back!


O COME 2021 – Stan Bann (ASCAP)