Nuevo Espana Redux

Genre/Style: Oh, just a collage of all sorts of things, a little Orff, a little Richie Blackmore’s Rainbow, a little gypsy, a lot of me, etc.

Creative Vision for the Track: This is a redo of an old composition of mine from 2009 originally called New Spain. Totally reworked and elaborated some. Fairly simple motif that gets expanded through both macro and micro levels. A lot of Bruckner in your face orchestration. Just throwing in a lot and tossing the musical salad.

Composition Details (Tempo, Key, Main Chords etc): This is an a minor thing - spanish style turnaround in melody and underlying chord progression. Tempo is 90 bpm - fairly punchy throughout

Main Instruments used: Geesh, a lot - NI Orchestras, Arturia Synths, UJAM and Apple Drums, percussion loops, real guitars and real bass (although my chops are really rusty), some output arcade voices, and more…

Hope you enjoy


New Nuevo Flamenco rock! Love it! It really is a mishmash of all kinds of stuff, but that Spanish sound is always there. Great job Stuart!