Noire keeps failing to install

I hope everyone who celebrates had a wonderful Christmas

I just purchased NI Noire and, for some reason, it will not install (I have the “Content location” set to my external SSD where I have other Kontakt libraries)

I am attaching screenshots from NI Access - any help would be greatly appreciated - thank you and be well

Excuse me if this sound stupid but have you checked that you have the latest Native access, latest update for Windows, and then rebooted?
This happened for me once but after rebooting twice it worked.
Also is your usb cables in the same port as usual? Otherwise it can happen too.

What I had to do was reset the “Content location” to the main hard drive - it then installed properly
I then moved the library to my external SSD and relocated it in the Native Access app

To answer your questions: Yes, latest version of Native Access; USB cable in usual location

Ok thank you. Will remember this if it happens in the future.

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