NI Symphony Series Collection (Full Version)

I have Symphony Series light, as I have the Komplete 11 Ultimate, and that was included.

Any of you that owns the full version of the Symphony Series by Native Instruments, is it any good? :slight_smile:

Percussion (the newest one in the set) is very nice, and I still use it occasionally.

The others can sound rather nice too in the right context, but generally speaking, I think the samples are way too wet, and the ensemble sizes are a bit unusual in some cases. My impression is that they’re aimed at people wanting to go “a bit orchestral” in the context of other genres, rather than composers/orchestrators going for realism.

They are way too wet in the light versions, but I assume you get close mics in the full version?

I noticed it was AudioBro who made the strings btw, same company that has done LASS, which many composers love.

They do offer more microphones, but I don’t remember how dry the close ones are.

I’ll have a look at them and see how I find them, compared to the other libs I have now. :slight_smile: (Maybe not today; full day scheduled, unless plans are changed.)

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The percussion and strings are the ones I am mainly interested in. Do you have Komplete 12, or did you buy the symphony collection full edition directly?

I got the Symphony full versions and Percussion on various deals before K12; maybe even earlier. IIRC, Percussion didn’t exist when I upgraded the others.