NI Massive X Review (With Audio Demo)

Hello All,

In launching my personal portfolio/work site, I needed a reason to use the blog portion that I inadvertently set up. So what better way to make use of it than to put out some reviews, tips and tricks, and at some point, sooner than later, mini tutorials. Just a bit of insight from what I personally do for a living, but by no means the bottom line. With that, I’d love for you to check out my review of something I sat on since June. I’m set in my ways when it comes to the soft synth inclusions in my template, and I’ve been an OG Massive user for over a decade. I balked at what I thought to be unnecessary change in an already monster of a sound design tool. Yet here we are - me gassing up Massive X like it’s a thing. Enjoy and feel free to reach out with any and all questions, comments, or concerns. Cheers! | Composer Brett James | INSTRUMENT REVIEW: MASSIVE X

Also feel free to check out the quickie teaser trailer for some mini tutorials that I’ve coming up covering a broad range of topics.


Brett James