New Trailer Music For ProjectSAM Pandora

Hello everyone!

I hope you are all doing well and have some fun time to make music! :slight_smile:

MetaPop has some cool contests including “free” visual contest, so I wanted to make something more or less useful…For me, it’s not participating, because “you can win cool prices”, (Most of their tools, I already have), I participate because I want to have a great time learning something, through doing, experimenting and adding to my portfolio. To be honest, I heard so many amazing tracks throughout many many contests I participated in, and literally no one made it to even Top 3 of the track I knew very exceptional! I believe as well that not all the tracks are really played/heard in these “massive” contests, as not many judges are involved. (Who are the judges, what is their musical background etc. not a lot of infos there…) Last content very like 900+ tracks. Who is sitting there and listening to 2000+ minutes of music??? I am always sceptical…

So here is my “unfinished” track called “Welcome To Pandora”. The tracks itself will be longer, the beginning part will be doubled so it gets more “rising” and “building up” movement. But to fit the length of the trailer it’s around 60 seconds to this point – common trailer cut length.

My Creative Goal for the Music:
The goal was to create something, which obviously fits the visuals. I believe that I didn’t convert the right emotional content of the video, however, I thought more about “Pandora”, what it is, how it would be like to be there and so forth…

Main Instruments/Sounds:
I had to use a couple of samples, which were provided by MetaPop & ProjecSAMs “Pandora”. The big braam for example and the sub-kick. I reversed some of the samples as well. The orchestration is full of strings, brass and a small section where lower and higher woods are helping out. Woods are used less in this kind of musical content. You can hear some cool impacts and risers from Keepforest, which I find an awesome sample library developer. The support they give is superb as well!

Track Insights & Final Notes
Well, the whole production took me a couple of days combines throughout two weeks I believe. (I need to use an app for checking out the time I really need to make that far.) Almost 200 tracks (combined printed audio-stems / VSTs), so the organization needs to be there in order to not getting lost :slight_smile: I layered a couple of string libraries and brass to make it more “big” and used some synths to help to make more full and exciting.

If you have any questions, please ask. I would be glad to answer you!
Oh, and if you want to criticize anything, please do so too! :slight_smile:

Kind regards,
Alexey :slight_smile:


What about metapop? Can you give some of your experiences with this website?
Klaus Ferretti

Hi Klaus,

well, MetaPop is more based on “remixing” stuff. There are a couple of “cinematic” contests, however more remix-based. In most cases you can win Native Instruments products. You can connect with other producers and artists. You can build a small “link-portfolio” through the site, as everything is connected to Facebook.

Hope that helps. If you have more specific questions, let me know :wink:

Kind regards,
Alexey :slight_smile: