New Track "Undead Melody"

Hello all,

Here is Chapter 3 in my Dark Fantasy series of tracks, “Undead Melody” For this piece, I had the idea of an undead princess who creates an army of undead by enchanting them with her violin, or something :smile:

Musically, there is a lot of chromatic minor chord planing and third substitution going on, but I start and end on the home chord of A minor. The tempo also moves around a bit, doing rallentandos and tempo I changes until the end, rounding out at 65bpm, all in 2/4 time. I use a motif from the solo violin part in the intro and vary it in bits across the other sections.

For instrumentation, all are from Orchestral Tools’ Berlin Orchestra except the solo violin, which I took from Modern Scoring Strings and the children’s choir which is a blending of the choirs from Audiobro and 8Dio:

2 Flute
Bass Clarinet
Percussion (Bass drum, triangle, glockenspiel)

DAW: Studio One, rendered in stereo with S1’s Dolby Atmos feature and mastering with Ozone 10.

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Love the part near the end. It sounds like everyone is becoming undead. Dark fantasy, exactly as you intended. Very original