New track: the traitor king

I wanted to share this track. I hope you can help me.

Genre/Style: Soundtrack/ music for a character design.

Creative Vision for the Track: I wanted to describe the character of a traitor king, but I didn’t want to focus on his might, or his physical traits; I wanted to underline more the misery and the famine that his actions brought to his kingdom, and to his citizens.

Composition Details (Tempo, Key, Main Chords etc): in the whole this tracks is in F# minor, but presents lot’s of modulations during the entire duration of the track.

Main Instruments used: Virtual orchestra, default logic x vst and kontack instruments, morphestra 2, action strike and voxos

Hi, Marco. Am I missing something? I do not see a track.

Holy potato you’re right. I will publish it in an other post