New Track "The Misty Realm"

Hello good peoples!

Here is my newest track. This was supposed to be for the fantasy music contest, but I couldn’t get it done in time–too many technical issues in dealing with some newer sample libraries and my Komplete controller. Another reason added to why I hate using samples libraries/DAW and would rather just write out the score, but I digress :laughing:

My original goal was to write something dreamy and magical, but I had several ideas that weren’t fitting that thought and eventually, I just went with wherever the music felt like going. The result is something that has some dreamy bits, some darker bits and some majestic bits. I did make a conscious effort to not write any big evolving themes/melodies but instead created a couple of motifs that weave in and out of the piece and create development by evolving instrumentation/textures. Honestly, the piece is too short and some of the sections could hav.e been made longer.

Composition wise, I found that trying to get a fantasy/dreamy sound required some really complex harmonies; lots of compound chords/altered bass chords and there’s a lot of modal mixture/modulation going on. I couldn’t really tell you everything but that it starts out in A minor/A Aeolian and ends on E minor but cycles through A Dorian, D Dorian, E Phrygian, E Mixolydian and E Ioninan/ E major ( I think :sweat_smile:)

The intro features con sordino upper strings cycling through some chords with a solo bassoon underneath. After the build up, the B section is the soft dreamy bit with harp, celeste and vibraphone with some ppp strings providing harmony. Then the next section turns a bit darker with the bass instruments on a continuous E pedal note and some meandering solo instruments before back to the string choir, con sordino, for the somber outro.

Gear for this one:
Orchestral Tools Berlin Inspire: solo flute, solo bassoon, harp
Orchestral Tools Modus: vibraphone, celeste
ProjestSAM TrueStrike: celeste, timpani, suspended cymbal
Cinematic Studio Brass: solo horn
Audio Imperia Nucleus: solo oboe
Audio Imperia Areia: strings
8Dio: Lacrimosa choir
izotope Ozone9, Nectar
Tokyo Dawn TDK


Wow Matt. This could have been one of my favourites. Very fantastic and dreamy.
Huge job.
My ear: some string sound a little dry in the mix.
:clap: :clap: :clap:

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Thanks! I had soooo may problems with this one from a mixing point. The drier strings maybe because they are con sordino (with mute) but everything is run through the same reverb and the strings did sound a bit bland and screechy–I turned the buit-in reverb off so maybe add extra for more reflections?

My biggest complaint is the oboe; I tried three different libraries for it and and none sounded that good. They all were too much high end and piercing, even with the EQ rolled back. The Orchestral Tools solo oboe was disappointing when compared to how good the flute sounds.

Thanks for listening my friend!

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This is really quite beautiful and contains all the elements of a quintessential fantasy piece. Very evocative with charming melodies. I agree, this sort of music is harder to create than some of the more electronic, loop-based music. You really need to work with the harmonies, the melodies and orchestration. All things that take a really long time. I think you did a superior job!

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Thanks for the kind words Suzanne. This did take quite a bit longer than I expected, but though I didn’t enter it into the contest, I like the fact that there is a deadline as it makes me focus more and learn to quicken my work flow. But you’re right, the harmonies started to get real complex and I had to really focus to recall my theory—but ended up really working by ear :laughing:

Thanks for taking a listen!

Found it now and love it! :sweat_smile:
As expected it sounds GREAT, I really love the texture/sound of your orchestra. I don’t think that there’s much to improve, like you wrote in the other thread. :slight_smile:

Looking forward for your next piece!

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Thanks for checking it out! I guess as the composer, you’re often dissatisfied with your own work. Always room for improvement in my mind :smile:

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I know, right? If you don’t force yourself to publish something you keep on fiddling and tweaking until all eternity. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:


You never finish. You only quit :rofl::rofl::rofl:


Too often. Then I come back to it months later and think, “This sucks…” in to the trash bin. :rofl:

Heyo Matt!

I really enjoyed this piece! The only thing that i’d have liked was maybe some more omph on the few drum (cymbal) parts you have to really get the mood going. They felt a bit cut off - so to speak. I believe, that you need quite a diversity in “feel” on this kind of track to really keep the listener drawn in. So yea, that’s probably the only thing I felt missing. :smiley:

The harmonies and melody is very enjoyable to listen to! :clap: :clap:

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Hey Mattias! Thanks for listening.

Actually, I completely agree. I always have problems mixing percussion. Here, they were punchy enough through my headphones and monitors, but listening to the piece in mono, or near, like through my cellphone, they are nearly inaudible. Something to keep woking on :smiley:

Yea, sound engineering is a really complex subject for sure! Need to really know your gear to know how it will sound on other devices. =)

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