NEW TRACK: "Flesh on Parade" (Fudged this together trying to figure out a good guitar sound)

Genre/Style: Metal (Really REALLY filthy metal)

Creative Vision for the Track: It started out with me trying to get a good rock Guitar Sound out of GarageBand (shockingly difficult. o.O) When I managed to put a really nasty sounding Guitar together, I slapped the baseline in. I took a short Piano riff I made ages ago (the intro and ending) and mixed it in at various points in different mix-up and this is what came together.

As the baseline came together I got images of a gothic/freaks parade marching under a blood red sky in a dystopian city scape.

It’s a bit messy at parts - but I kind of liked it that way. I’ll probably get sick of the off-beats and smooth it out later though. The song doesn’t loop - the second half has several completely different mix-ups and an extended drop section after the piano section that’s very meaty.

Composition Details (Tempo, Key, Main Chords etc): 120 tempo, 4/4, D Flat

Main Instruments used: Hard Rock guitar (layered 5 times to get a sound that actually sounds like a real instrument because GB’s electric guitar sucks), 4 pick bases, 2 liverpool bases, a grand piano, a wurlitzer and 3 Erhu

**UPDATE: Switched it to a D-Flat which ironed out several of the issues.

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I like the kind of experimental nature of your music Ian. There’s a lot to it that makes me think it would be the soundtrack to some fun indie game :smile:

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