New Track: Fire Dance

Genre/Style: Cinematic/EDM, a combination of eastern sounds and aggressive synths.

Creative Vision for the Track: During the lockdown and the chaos happening in the world around me; I wanted to convey the intensity of world events, the soundtrack to a montage of newsreels of the protests as society unravels. I wanted to create a world scale sense of grandeur with the string parts, an alarm like awakening, calling the listener to dance around the fire.

Composition Details (Tempo, Key, Main Chords etc): Tempo is 100-110; using the tempo track to create subtle shifts in tempo and dynamic lengthening of cadences; hopefully hardly noticeable and all felt.

The key is F# minor and uses a simple I-IV-V idea as the harmonic rhythm. All the melodic and harmonic material that is used in the piece is derived from the opening statement.

Main Instruments used: This is all done using Logic Pro X utilising Alchemy for the electronic synth sounds and the Sampler (esx24 of old) and East West Quantum Leap’s Silk, Ra, and Stormdrum 3 for the exotic eastern strings and drums.

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Very creative approach and trance-like end result. To me some of the short string/synth stabs which were followed by the drums did not work that well - I found them too disruptive.

Really well done. A great club track that would fit well within the dystopian sci-fi movie we’re living at the moment!