NEW! ETHERA GOLD 2.0 Is Releasing - 31-01-2020

HI Guys,
Ethera Gold 2 is the new hugely improved big sister product to the amazing with many improvements and additions including a massive 10GB of extra sample content.

Ethera Gold 2 includes:

  • 7 multi-sampled Kontakt Instruments
  • Over 25GB of 24 bit, 48KHz samples.
  • Over 10,000 Original Cinematic Samples
  • The Brand New Epic Vocal True Legato - 1.6Gb of multi-sampled and chromatic vocal true legato (no artificial pitching - Real Vocal Range from G3 to A5, synthetically extended range from A5 to C6) - up to 3 articulations controlled by Midi-Velocity and 4 RR Sustains.
  • Custom Convolution Reverb
  • Over 1300 inspiring vocal phrases (approx 3 GB of samples) organised by Key - Style- BPM - delivered also in open wav format so you can easily drag & drop them into your DAW.
  • 2 Hybrid Synths with new Audio Engine based on 3 powerful Synth Engines
  • Over 12GB of samples from Hardware Synths, Acoustic Instruments (Violins, Guitar, Winds etc) and many other organic sources.
  • Glide & Unison Mode
  • Arpeggiator
  • 11 LFO, 1 MIDI Assignable Table Modulator
  • FX Rack
  • Wavetable Synth with Sample Grain and Real-Time Time Stretching
  • Over 1GB of Drum Loops
  • Over 1200 Snapshot Presets
  • ROLI Seaboard special patches

What’s new in Ethera Gold 2 compared to Ethera Gold:

  • An Extra 10GB Of New Original Cinematic Samples
  • New Epic Ah True Legato With Multi-sampling
  • True Legato “Epic Oh” Has Been Improved
  • An Extra 600 Mb Of New Cinematic Vocal Phrases
  • New Vocal Phrases Reverse
  • New Vocal Chop For Epic / Dubstep Music
  • New Hybrid Synth: Core Synth 2.0 And Action Synth 2.0
  • About 1200 Cinematic Snapshot Presets Ready To Use
  • New Hybrid Unique Samples
  • Action Synth 2.0 now has 4 Layers

On The Web site there are a lot of Walkthrough

This is the Trailer :

This is the Facebook Live Stream I did Friday:




I tried the demo of this library, and it is amazing indeed! I can see lots of potential for cinematic music, as well as hybrid and trailer music. :slight_smile:

I own this library. It’s fantastic. It’s a cinematic orchestra in a box. I think you could create amazing full tracks without touching any additional library! :+1:
Besides, I love to listen to Stefano’s English on his YouTube channel. It’s music to my ears!

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Thanks Adrian !

EhEh I’m Happy my Orrible English it’s music to your ears so Can I continue in English? :slight_smile:

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It’s compulsory, Stefano! My Italiano e non-existo! I love your passion for what you do, which speaks to me more than words. I get so much inspiration from your Ethera series. When can we expect Core Synth 2.01 to be available for download?

That’s great. Core Synth 2.01 it be available this week from Zero-G

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