New Composition Using Mikael's UltraCool Logic Pro Tutorials

Genre/Style: Progressive Rock / Fusion

Creative Vision for the Track: Based on Lewis Carroll’s Poem: Dreamland. Life is illusion.

Composition Details (Tempo, Key, Main Chords etc): 130 bpm / d minor with shades of d dorian.

Main Instruments used: Kontakt Pianos, Les Paul Guitars, MusicMan Bass, Kontakt Drums, Live Vocalist / Live Poetry Reading / Various Arturia and Omnisphere Synths.

Link to Song:

Really got a lot out of Mikael’s Tutorials on Aliasing Midi Tracks - Alias Logic Drummer to Kontakt Drums and what a difference! While Logic drums are good, the ability to alias to Kontakt Abbey Road is awesome. Can still use the AI in Logic Drummer while feeding Kontakt. Second Tutorial used was converting Audio to Midi Notes - Passages for the Vocals were converted and the lines were subtly fortified using Arturia Moog Mini (Emerson patch, tuned). Thanks Mikael! Your Logic Guidance is appreciated very much. The song is fun, albeit a little long. The Singer is Alicia Orozco from Mexico, the Poet Reader, Alan Tully, from Ireland.